Public Workouts

This page will allow any user logged in or otherwise to view any workout created by a registered user that they wanted to make public! You will be able to see all the details from the movements done, rep ranges and weights hit and any coaching notes they had during the workout. Overtime the hope will be that coaches use this option to create public workouts to expand their clientele base. Exciting Stuff!

Each card below contains some top level information for the workout contained within. To see the full workout information, hover over the card and click or tap to be brought to the full workout view.

Large Brand Logo

Focus: Crossfit

Part A: this be part-a

Accessory: something crossfit-y

Focus: Crossfit

Part A: Strict Press 3x10 Heavy

Accessory: N/A

Focus: Accessory

Part A: s

Accessory: s

Focus: Powerlifting

Part A: One

Accessory: Barbell

Focus: Accessory

Part A: sad

Accessory: asd

Focus: Composition

Part A: Core


Focus: Accessory

Part A: .

Accessory: .

Focus: Composition

Part A: Fucking thing

Accessory: -