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What is Oly-Track?

An application for Olympic Weightlifting clubs, athletes or everyday gym-goers who lift barbells. Primarily used to record Olympic Weightlifting sessions and is based towards those movements, but it can also be used to track any fitness session from Crossfit - Powerlifting and everything in between.

It was designed with ease of use and access in mind. Currently, as an aspiring Competitive Olympic Weightlifter, I often find myself forgetting to bring along my Workout journal and by the time I get it, I have forgotten the rep schemes, movements and the weights lifted. You never forget your phone....so why not use a tool that is always readily available in your pocket to sit down in the middle of a Workout and record what you just did? Enter Oly-Track!

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Form is king! Plain and simple. As babies we learn to crawl first, then walk/run and eventually we can climb almost any obstacle.

Weightlifting is no different, practice often and light, and even when competent, before increasing the volume and the weight.

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Need a workout quick? Or maybe you are just beginning and are wanting to see what some day to day workouts for you could be?

This section contains some top industry standard workouts and some users are generous enough to make their workouts public, so you can see how they trained.

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When filling out a workout form, you have the option to keep them private or make them public. Take control of your day-to-day workouts and in time it will become 2nd nature to login.